Cove East Apartments Sustainability Plan

At Cove East, we take pride in our beautiful grounds. We receive compliments daily on the appearance of our property, and we know that it is one of the reasons residents choose to live here. Our goal is to maintain this beautiful property while using sustainability practices in the office, on the grounds, during events and in the apartment homes.

In the Office

Staff in both administrative and maintenance practice sustainability by:

  • Recycling ink cartridges
  • Providing reusable cups for coffee and water and washing them daily
  • Reusing folders that pending applications are stored in
  • Providing a battery recycle container for residents
  • Using washable mop heads
  • Recycling light bulbs
  • Providing a recycle station for residents and guest to learn about recycling
  • Adding ways to use sustainability practices at home in the newsletter each month
  • Using envirocopy paper that’s 30% recycled and printing double sided when possible
  • Installed a Flushmate Pressure Assisted toilet in the cabana
  • Windows and surfaces cleaned with microfiber cloths

On the Grounds

Our lush grounds are kept watered with a sprinkler system that has a rain sensor. We have two community gardens with rain barrels. Cove East has two laundry facilities on site using low water consumption. There is a clothing donation bin on the East side of the property where used clothes have a new purpose.

Resident Events

We have at least two resident events each month. Each event is an opportunity to educate residents on sustainability practices that they can do at home. Every 1st Saturday of the month we host a community breakfast and then one more seasonal event each month. During these events we:

  • Use compostable dishes if there are not enough washable dishes for everyone
  • Educate residents on how to use the compost bins and offer bins for use in their homes
  • Talk about recycling and reusing whenever possible
  • Set out three large bins, recycle, compost, and landfill with directions on use
  • In April we have a garden party to encourage residents to use the community garden
  • In August we have a community yard sale where used items can find a new home

In the Apartment Homes

All the apartment homes have low flow toilets. We take advantage of PSE’s business incentive programs. PSE has come through and replaced all bathroom vanity bulbs in every unit, added a water saving device to the showerheads, replaced a handful of refrigerators that were older to a Frigidaire refrigerator and changed all the bulbs above every stove in every unit. Upon move in we offer residents a free compost container and recycle bag to get their sustainability practices started.